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��      If you���ve ever wondered what life here on Earth is really about���

��      If you feel the way you are handling life does not work any more���


���you have already completed the first step of the learning cycle presented in this book.


Your meeting this book could therefore be synchronous.


This text is meant for mainly two groups of readers. The first group, complacently relaxing on a religious beach, possibly knows they have eternal life. The second group is playing in the esoteric waves or in mysticism. They may be out quite far where the waves are bigger. The book invites both groups to join hands on the spiritual shoreline with your feet firmly balanced on the land and in the sea.


This writing does not try to teach you anything. It presents 7 paradigms, viewed as sets of coloured sunglasses. These are as old as humanity. The book reminds you to remember to go on your own journey - to learn your own paradigms. Ones that work for you as you seek your own personal truths, balanced on firm sand underneath your feet.


Cycles and sunglasses raise more questions than answers. It opens up possibilities you may not think about every day. Sometimes with tongue in cheek. The 7 paradigms start off with an assumption that we are spiritual beings. The book presents you with a learning paradigm. It plays around with some of our purposes for being here on Earth, both individually and universally, as One. It reflects on being in the now and on being puppets ��� puppets of a higher purpose.


For more data on your own reflective observation, read the book.


For more information or to order the book: Trafford


If you are living in South Africa, you can also e-mail Heinrich to order a copy from his local stock.


You can also download the e-teaser version here


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