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The Workshops

Are you aware what colour “sunglasses” you are wearing when looking at Life?

Those you got from your parents, school teachers, a religious group or from peer pressure?

Most of us have a fair idea of our high level ‘human’ purposes, whether they have been revealed to us or been given us as these ‘sunglasses’.

But what about our individual ‘spiritual’ purposes for Be-I-ng here on Earth?


Have you ever pondered the main spiritual question: Who am I?

Leading to: What am I (or supposed to be) doing here on Earth?


Heinrich believes that in the current Earth cycle a lot of people are ready to get this answer much more easily than previously. He therefore presents three 'standard fast-track’ workshops, named:


Back to Basics (B2B)

Remind to Remember (R2R)

re-Mind to re-Member (M2M)


The basic concepts handled in these 3 workshops are also customised  for specifc community building purposes at request.


Heinrich has also re-structured his workshops into his new 7 Initiations model, providing a 'life-map', which anyone can use to determine where we are in life and what the potential next steps are.

He also presents this learnshop in the format of a Dolphin swimming re-treat weekend with the wild Dolphins in Mozambique.

For more information on how such a typical event unfolds, please visit the blog site.


Although all the workshops are presented at regular intervals at certain venues in Gauteng, they are mostly specifically requested by a community and presented as a weekend breakaway at any location on Mother Earth.

Please contact Heinrich directly for more information on any upcoming events.


If you have already participated in one of these workshops, please provide feedback, to allow Heinrich to learn (as he is forever a student, in accordance with his 'Student' archetype). This may just have a huge ripple effect on someone else's life.......



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