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In Heinrich's experience only a very small percentage of healing practitioners or coaches  heal people as (w)holistic Be-I-ngs.

For example:

  • 'Medical healers' these days concentrate almost exclusively on the physical body.
  • 'Religious healers' mostly concentrate on the religious aspect and sometimes on the spiritual aspects.
  • 'Psychological healers' mostly concentrate on the emotional and sometimes on the intellectual or mental body.
  • 'Coaches' mostly concentrate on the intellectual/thinking patterns.
  • 'Puristic spiritual healers' mostly concentrate on our energy bodies.

Only a small percentage of all 'healers' concentrate on the total interaction and interrelatedness between all four of our holistic aspects or 'bodies', which we are with during this life here on Earth. (Physical, intellectual/mental, emotional and spiritual/energy)

Heinrich sees himself as an intuitive holistic healer and in a typical session integrates various aspects and techniques by applying various systems engineering concepts. In short, a typical session consists of a general discussion and coaching to identify and clear any blockages (in any of our 4 holistic areas or their interaction), which cause us dis-ease in life, whether the blockage has already manifested as a physical or emotional 'illness' or not. The second part consists of energy therapy where all the energies of the body are balanced between the 24 energy centres, through the use of Reiki, natural radionics, auric intervention, acu-pressure and massage.

The whole session is concentrated on healing only...as Heinrich has been guided to provide no diagnosis and no prescription...just healing. Intuitive guidance is therefore used to challenge all intellectual paradigms and emotional conditioning in the first part and balancing and sending love energy in the second part....to support the 4 'bodies' to heal them- selves without prescribing chemical (or other) substances. Existing medication (or any other 'prescriptions') are usually not analysed and can still be taken as prescribed or administered.



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