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System Engineer

Heinrich received his formal tertiary education in Engineering. He obtained the following degrees at the University of Pretoria in South Africa:

  • B Eng (Mechanical)  - 1980
  • B Eng Honns (Mechanical)  - 1982
  • M Eng (Industrial) - 1984
  • Ph D (Industrial) - 1989 - Computer assisted integration of complex processes

Early in his career he started specialising in holistic System's Engineering and the overall integration thereof on all levels of detail. Initially it was applied in the development stages of military fighter aircraft and since 1990 in a more specialized way to Software architecture, design and development. During the mid 1990's Heinrich also lectured in Systems Engineering as part of the Industrial Engineering Honours curriculum. He is still actively involved and serves on the Advisory Board for Industrial Engineering at the University of Pretoria.

Heinrich has been a director of companies since 1994 and managed significant development teams during the 1990's. He has been Managing Director of Pi Information Technologies (Pty) Ltd since 1997. (Read an independently published case study.) He has gone through significant spiritual growth cycles since his early years and every growth cycle has impacted on his career and vice versa. The experience he gained in some of the most complex integrated technology and software developments on Earth has provided him with the necessary paradigms and experience to accept the complexities of our spiritual life here on earth.

It is only since 2003 that a shift towards spiritual coaching, mentoring, authoring and healing has evolved, with the major shift taking place in 2004. Heinrich is, however, still involved in the design, development, integration and maintenance of complex software systems in Pi-Tech, which enables him to give all the 'spiritual services' in Love, without requiring monetary exchange.

If any System engineering or complex software system architecture / development expertise is required, he can be contacted via e-mail.


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