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Back to Basics (B2B)


The B2B workshop is the first step towards answering the 'Who am I?' question for each of us individually. Taking this first step we:

  • ‘re-look’ at some of our ‘sunglasses’ through which we ‘look’ at our ‘life here on Earth.’
  • get ‘back to basics’ and see if these ‘sunglasses’ are still applicable in the cycles we are experiencing here with Mother Earth.
  • look at the golden spiritual thread(s) that spans across different religions and unites rather than divides us.
  • look at some stimulating ideas and experiences to ‘remind’ us to ‘remember’ what spirituality is all about

Using his own life experiences, humour, energy, graphic slideshows, language quirks, music, technology, experiential learning – whatever comes up for him at the time – Heinrich suggests practical things we can ‘do’ to ‘Be’ more spiritual in all our environments. This workshop is partially based on his internationally published book, Cycles and Sunglasses: The 7 paradigms of life here on Earth, but each presentation is uniquely tailored to the group. It may touch on only some of the paradigms presented in the book, but include more of Heinrich's subsequent learning.

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