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Here are some technology tips that might be applicable to you or may help you to make some simple choices. Most of these have been used by myself and I can really recommend them for availability, service and the best price/performance ratios.

Software to use

Here is a selection of software for different purposes:

  • Information systems (scaleable from private, to SME, to Corporate solution): PiGo
  • Music production:  Fruity Loops

e-Mail / Web hosting 

If you want to obtain an e-mail account: Yahoo! or Google

If you want to host your own e-mail and web domain:

  • To register you own domain name: Domain Info
  • To do the actual hosting for you (can also acquire a domain name through them): IXWebhosting

Connecting to the Internet 

There are various options available for connecting to the Internet, especially for personal/private use.

  • In South Africa the lesser known option at the moment, which actually provides the best cost/performance ratio, is to get a 3G enabled cell phone. You can then connect your PC to the phone modem through bluetooth (or a cable). The advantages are that:
    • you do not need an ISP any more (if you use one of the e-mail/hosting options mentioned above)
    • you only pay per data volumes downloaded (which you can 'pre-buy' at lower rates once you start using substantial amounts)
    • you can stay connected all the time
    • you get a decent download 'pipe' with acceptable performance
    • you can become completely mobile with your notebook
    • it is much cheaper with much better performance, when used like this, than a normal fixed line dial-up.

Want to know how technological things work?

Do a search for whatever you want to know at: How stuff works

If you have any other specific questions, you can also e-mail me.


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